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Rolling Stone 1000 Covers featuring John Lennon and Yoko Ono

  •  Rolling Stone 1000 Covers

About Books Spotlight

  • "I Love Rock and Roll", as Joan Jett belted out.  Rolling Stone epitomized everything about this genre.  I remember always going to the grocery store and just spending hours in the magazine aisle reading the newest edition for free.  To this day, I wondered why no one ever kicked me out.

About Books Listing

  • This listing is comprised of one box out of many.  I shall boldly go to the storage and hope that I was smart enough to have marked them all .  As there are many boxes to sort through, I really need to think about how it would look like if I decided to list them all here.  I am contemplating on just maintaining a master catalog in the back end.  In the event I decide to part with any of my books collection, a comprehensive description including image will be posted in Pearlroze Shop.

Arts & Music

book shelf filled with old books

  •  Rolling Stone 1000 Covers
  • The World of Michelangelo
  • The World of Marcel Duchamp
  • The World of Picasso
  • The World of Giotto
  • The World of Matisse
  • Introduction to Art
  • Great Masterpieces of World Art
  • The History of Western Art
  • Michelangelo

Computers & Tech

stack of books

  • The Waite Group’s UNIX System V Primer 
  • The Waite Group’s C Programming Using Turbo C++ 
  • Assembly Language for the IBM-PC 
  • Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5
  • Windows NT 4 Programming 
  • COBOL From Micro to Mainframe 
  • JAVA 2 Third Edition
  • Using HTML 4 Sixth Edition

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

stack of books with top book opened

  • The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia
  • Oh, the Places You'll Go
  • Star Trek Passage to Moauv Book and Record Set 
  • Star Trek DS9 - The Siege
  • Star Trek TNG - Possession
  • Star Trek TNG - Imzadi
  • Star Trek TNG - Relics
  • Star Trek TNG - Reunion
  • Star Trek TNG - Vendetta
  • Star Trek TNG - The Peacekeepers
  • Star Trek - The Search for Spock
  • Star Trek - My Enemy, My Ally
  • Star Trek - The Final Reflection
  • Star Trek - The Trellisane Confrontation
  • Star Trek - Mutiny on the Enterprise
  • Star Trek - Triangle