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Mystic Familiar by Edward P Beard Jr may very well be my favorite illustration out of the "Flyers" deck.  It must be all the purple, which happened to be a color I adore.  I think it's also because of its simplistic and yet majestic feel that draws me to this card.  Mystic Familiar art epitomizes pure magic.

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"Flyers" was the first MTG deck I built many moons ago.  Having built a few throughout the years, this is still my deck of choice.    It is predominantly comprised of creatures with flying abilities and a handful of soldier cards used as life source but has the ability to block flyers.

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The first set of listing is my customized "Flyers" deck.  Following that set is my Commander deck.  As mentioned, I have 1000+ cards to sort through so I decided to maintain a high-level master catalog, which I will update continuously.  The master catalog listing excludes "Flyers" and Commander decks.  In the event I decide to part with any of my MTG collection, a comprehensive description including image will be posted in Pearlroze Shop.

MTG "Flyers" Deck

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Commander (2014 Edition)

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